Welcome to Wild Card Studios Ltd.

Welcome to Wild Card Studios Ltd.

Character Creation & Animation

Welcome to Wild Card Studios Ltd.

Levis Retail Concept Visualisation

White Sony PlayStation Portable

Visualisation of Interior Design Concepts

Development of 3D ICAP Signage, working with Thinkfarm

Development of 3D ICAP Signage, working with Thinkfarm

Development of 3D ICAP Signage, working with Thinkfarm

Proposed Sculpture as part of the King Abdullah University of Science and technology Development

Bespoke and Abstract Visualisations and Conceptual Design

Precision Models of Machinery and Mechanisms

Architectural Renderings of Property Developments

Internal Rendering of Development Projects

Affordable 3D Visualisation

With 20 years of experience in 3D graphics & animation, Wild Card Studios is well placed to offer a broad range of graphics services with 3D technology as a core component.

Product and Architectural Visualisation

The standard of output for rendered content can match and sometimes even surpass that of a photo shoot and besides potential cost saving benefits, there are other advantages in certain circumstances. If a different angled shot is required further down the road or there is an update to product packaging, with the 3D route most of the work is already done. Amends can be made and the product can be re-rendered in a fraction of the time it would take to set up and reshoot using traditional methods. This technique also lends itself more to experimentation, as multiple versions of a product or it’s packaging can be quickly produced.

The same principles apply to Architecture and Interior Design. With 3D graphics technology on your side, it is possible to envisage the new boardroom, an extension to a property or an interior make over before a brick has been laid or a tin of paint has been opened. Wild Card can deliver pristine, high quality images that will convey your ideas in the impressive manner which they deserve. Check out the Bathroom Renders and the Levi’s retail concept in the slide show above for an example of what's possible.

Model Creation for 3D Printing

We can work with you to develop prototypes of your concept and deliver a 3D model in the appropriate format for 3D printing. The ICAP logo in the slideshow above was created virtually by us and then sent off for mass production to be used in ICAP offices all around the world.

High Quality Imagery for Screen & Print

All 3D content produced by Wild Card can be scaled for presentation on screen or traditional printed media. The flexible nature of the 3D design process makes for a highly adaptive product with tailored output to suit your requirements. High resolution imagery for posters and print can be easily generated for sharp, impressive results. These visuals are useful for complimentary marketing campaigns and are a great, cost effective way to get the most out of a project.

Creature & Character Creation and Animation

As well as Architectural and Product Design, Wild Card can also create and bring to life virtual characters. Whether you require high quality rendered images of a character concept or you wish to show how a character driven design works, both of these objectives and more can be achieved. Check out the Macau Dragon In the above slide show

Logos and Branding

Wild Card has worked with design agencies in London to develop 3D versions of existing designs which literally add a new dimension to previously static 2D graphics. These can be incorporated into corporate videos, animations or company stationery and promotional material. Check out the ICAP branding refresh in the slide show above.

Contact Us

We are based in Chiswick, West London. For further enquiries, please use the details below:

Telephone +44 (0)208 994 1581
Mobile +44 (0)7931 743152
email: info@wildcardstudios.co.uk.